Proposition for Conservation of Traditional Costumes - Mainly on the replication of Milchanggun's Jobok -

복식유물의 보존을 위한 제안 - 밀창군 조복의 복제를 중심으로 -

  • Published : 2004.10.01


We proposed that the replicas be made as an alternative to achieve such reciprocal goals as the safe preservation of traditional costume relics and socio-educational realizations through exhibitions, etc., A replication was categorized for its purpose into a restoral replication a work based on the historical research of color and shapes as they were originally made and a current state replication . a production based on a minute record of the relics as they are excavated Then, we reported the reproduction process from the excavation to the exhibition on the excavated traditional costumes of Milchanggun's Jobok The purpose of a replication of relics is to record the relics experiencing the change resulted from the inevitable degeneration over time as organic cultural assets together with the substitution exhibition of relics and academic researches and so on. Accordingly, the above two methods are to be preceded by a deep and through research and study on the relics of replication. This study on the relics having an important cultural property value presents the preservation of tile cultural assets of traditional costume through the two replication processes and results and a flew pattern of exhibition.