Regarding metallic structure of iron relics of Chosun Dynasty excavated at Gangsun-tower, Chengpyeong Temple

청평사 강선루 출토 조선시대 철제유물의 금속조직에 대하여

  • Kim, Soo-ki (Dept. of Conservation of Cultural Properties, Yong-in University)
  • 김수기 (용인대학교 문화재보존학과)
  • Published : 2004.10.01


In the course of examining the metallic structure of Iron chisel and Iron arrowhead, a relics of the 16th or 17th of Chosun Dynasty unearthed at near Gangsun-tower, Chengpyeong temple, we collected un-eroded samples from the relics and looked into the metallic structure through mounting, grinding and polishing, and etching, while analyzing non-metallic inclusion via SEM and EDS. The research metallic structure and SEM-SDS analysis, found that Iron chisel and Iron arrowhead had been produced from sponge iron close to pure Iron made by solid low heat reducing and then increased in rate of carbon by carburizing, It also found that Iron chisel had been hardened through the repetitive process of quench hardening and heat treatment, after being increased in amount of carbon to a certain level. Up to now, there have been a number of studies in the domestic academia which were made primarily of the structure of metallic relics of three countries the period or tile era before that. Although this research was limited in type and number of the relics, it turned out to be Interesting in that it revealed the 16thor 17th century way of processing iron, even in fragments. It is thought to be fruitful that we found iron had been made even in the Chosun Dynasty from sponge iron. It is recommended that researches be made on the relics later to be excavated and originally made in $Kory\breve{o}$ or Chosun Dynasty, because they are important in history of metal technology.