Vibration Suppression Control for a Twin-Drive Geared Mechanical System with Backlash: Effects of Model-Based Control

  • Itoh, Masahiko (Department of Mechanical Engineering, Miyagi National College of Technology)
  • Published : 2003.10.22


This paper deals with a control technique of eliminating the transient vibration of a twin-drive geared mechanical system. This technique is based on a model-based control in order to establish the damping effect at the driven machine part. The control model is composed of reduced-order electrical and mechanical parts. This control model estimates a load speed converted to the motor shaft. The difference between the estimated load speed and the motor speed is calculated dynamically and it is added to the velocity command to suppress the transient vibration generated at the load. This control technique is applied to a twin-drive geared system with backlash. In the previous work, the performance of this control method is examined by simulations. In this paper, the effectiveness of this control technique is verified by experiments. The settling time of the residual vibration generated at the loading inertia can be shortened down to about 1/2 of the uncompensated vibration level.