Geological Mapping using SWIR and VNIR Bands of ASTER Image Data

  • Published : 2003.11.03


This study aims to extract maximum geological information using the ASTER (Advanced Spaceborne Thermal Emission and Reflection radiometer) images of a part of south India. The area chosen for this study is characterized by rock types such as Migmatite, Magnetite Quartzite, Charnockite, Granite, dykes, Granitoid gneiss and Ultramafic rocks, and minerals such as Bauxite, Magnesite, Iron ores, Calcite etc. Advantage was taken of the characteristic reflectance and absorption phenomenon in the VNIR, SWIR and TIR bands for these rocks and minerals, and they were mapped in detail. Image processing methods such as contrast stretching, PC analysis, band ratios and fusion were used in this study. The results of the processing matched with the field details and showed additional details, thus demonstrating the usefulness of ASTER (especially the SWIR bands) data for better geological mapping.