Deformation analysis of copper pipe for hair pin under the bending forming using the Mandrel

맨드릴을 사용한 굽힘 성형시 헤어핀용 동관의 변형 해석

  • Published : 2003.06.01


Hair pin bending machine is pipe forming machine consisting of heat exchanger product system. Hair pin produced by these machine is pathway of refrigerant and play a important role improving the performance and productivity of heat exchanger. The core technology of hair pin bending machine is forming the straight pipe into U-type without any defaults. Therefore, this paper study the relation between the pipe bending forming and the shape and position of mandrel using the elastic-plastic finite element analysis and provide a foundation technology for which developing the hair pin bending machine. The results are followed 1. Mandrel located in front of rotating center of bending die minimized the circular shape variation of copper pipe. 2. Diameter change of mandrel hardly effect the pipe shape.