Design of Tritium Handling System(II): Injection System, Regeneration System

삼중수소취급계통의 설계(II): 주입계통, 재생계통

  • 김광신 (한국전력공사 전력연구원) ;
  • 김경숙 (한국전력공사 전력연구원) ;
  • 정은수 (한국전력공사 전력연구원) ;
  • 손순환 (한국전력공사 전력연구원) ;
  • 김위수 (한국전력공사 전력연구원)
  • Published : 2003.11.01


In succession to the previous paper, the tritium injection system and the regeneration system of the tritium handling system are presented. Both systems should be placed inside glove boxes since there can be potential leakage of tritium from these systems. The tritium injection system should be capable of measuring the exact amount of the injected tritium to keep track of the tritium inventory. The tritium injection system is designed to recover the remaining tritium from the system after injection for the minimization of tritum release to the environment as well as for the recovery of precious resource. TRS equipment such as MS, Ni catalyst bed, and metal getter are regenerated with a standalone regeneration system. Unlike other equipments which can be regenerated by heating and purging with appropriate gas, regeneration of the metal getter used to recover tritium is somewhat complicated.