A provenance study of roof tiles & potteries using Neutron Activation Analysis from Katap-Ri, the Korea

부여 가탑리유적 토기.기와의 산지연구

  • 정광용 (대전보건대학 박물관과) ;
  • 김명진 (한국기초과학지원연구원) ;
  • 오규진 (충청매장문화재연구원 발굴조사부)
  • Published : 2002.11.01


In Katap-ri, South Korea, potteries and roof tiles are excavated with the assumed raw materials. Using NAA, the provenance of these cultural remains was examined among the neighboring others, and the correlation the assumed raw materials with potteries and roof tiles also was examined. From the results of statistics it is concluded that this cultural site is distingushed from others by several trace elements, Ba, Cr, Sc, Yb, Eu, and Rb with 93.2 % accuracy. Also it turned out that the assumed raw materials wasn't raleted to potteries and roof tiles with 96.3% accuracy.