Performance of Squeeze Film Damper Using Magneto-Rheological Fluid

MR유체를 이용한 스퀴즈필름 댐퍼의 응답특성

  • Published : 2002.05.01


This paper presents the property of the Squeeze Film Damper (SFD) using Magneto-Rheological fluid (MR fluid). The damping property of a SFD for a flexible rotor system varied according to vibration mode. MR fluid is known as a functional fluid with controllable apparent viscosity of the fluid by applied magnetic field strength. When the MR fluid is applied in the SFD, the SFD using MR fluid can effectively reduce vibrations of the flexible rotor in a wide range of rotating speed by control of the applied magnetic field strength. To investigate in detail the SFD using MR fluid, the SFD to support one mass was constructed and its performance was experimentally investigated in the present study. The damping property of the SFD using MR fluid has viscous damping by Newtonian fluid, but not Coulomb friction by Bingham fluid. Therefore, The system damped by the SFD can be considered as a linear system.