A study on the trend of the rail transportation in view of the change of Korea public transportation

국내 육상교통 수단의 변천과정에서 본 철도고통의 발전방향

  • Published : 2002.05.01


The traffic policy of a city in Korea has brought to many traffic problems by putting emphasis on the only side of mobility in the past that the personal transportation was put first in importance more than the public transportation. As the result of this policy, in the process that the traffic policy of large cities in Korea changes into accessibility, it is shown for re-lighting up the development of the public transportation to be going to be able to get many suggestions in searching for the desirable developing direction of the new means of transportation that will arrive at Korea in the future. Especially, compared with the policy of U.S.A. on the traffic plan that has concentrated on the road and the vehicle, and that of Europe that has put first in the walking and the public transportation system, it is considered as an important thing that the lesson is given to us about what is important for the desirable city development. Transportation can be divided into four; a railroad transportation. a road transportation, a marine transportation, and an aerial transportation.