Aging of Resonant Frequency of PZT Piezoelectric Ceramic Resonantors

PZT 압전세라믹스 공진자의 공진주파수의 경시변화

  • Published : 2002.07.01


Aging stabilities of the operating frequency of piezoelectric devices such as filter, oscillator and discriminator are very important. In this study it was studied aging stabilities of the length-extensional vibration mode of Pb(Zr$\_$y/Ti$\_$1-y/)O$_3$+x[wt%]Cr$_2$O$_3$ ceramics. PZT ceramics in Morphotropic phase boundary have higher aging rates of k$\_$31/ and resonant frequency than those in tetragonal phase or rhombohedral phase. Thermal aging moves the composition with maximum aging rate to Zr-rich side in Cr not added PZT system. Aging rate of resonant frequency of the ceramics with x=0.1, y=0.53 and x=0.3, y=0.53 increased by thermal aging.