Experiment on Cutting the SUS and Zircaloy Tubes by Cutter Blade

Cutter blade에 의한 SUS 및 지르칼로이 튜브 절단 실험

  • Published : 2001.04.01


In the dismantling process of nuclear spent fuels, the spent fuel rod cutting process, followed immediately by the decladding process, performs the cutting the spent fuel rods to a proper length for fast decladding operation. In this paper, we analyzed the chemical compositions, mechanical properties, and physical characteristics for SUS and zircaloy tubes in order to identify the feasibility of cutter-blade type in cutting SUS and zircaloy tubes. It is considered that material, shape and angle, and heat treatment for fabricating the highly durable cutter blade and also it is investigated that the round-shape sustenance of cross-section, amount of debris production, and fire occurrence for measuring the cutting performance on SUS and zircaloy tubes, spent fuel rod cutting device is designed to be operated automatically through the remote control system for use in Hot Cell(radioactive) area and the electro-driven mechanical parts are modularized for easy maintenance. Results from various experiments confirm the efficiency of this device.