Driving characteristic of ultrasonic linear motor

초음파 리니어 모터의 구동특성

  • Published : 2000.11.01


An ultrasonic linear motor was composed of a slider and a stator vibrator including piezoelectric material and elastic material. The ultrasonic linear motors mainly consist of an ultrasonic vibrator which generates elliptical oscillations. L$_1$-B$_4$ ultrasonic linear motor use longitudinal and bending multi-vibration. In order to low driving voltage and improve the life time of the ultrasonic oscillator, we used stacked piezoceramics. Stacked piezoceramics are adhered to aluminum elastic material. The finite element method was used to optimize dimension of ultrasonic vibrator and direction of vibratory displacement. As a result of estimating the characteristics of the ultrasonic linear motor, no-load velocity was 2.04[m/s] when applied voltage was 70[V$\sub$rms/] in resonance frequency.