Analysis of Electrical Conductivity During Desalinization of Reclaimed Tidelands

간척지토양의 제염과정중 전기전도도 분석(농지조성 및 농어촌정비)

  • Published : 2000.10.01


This study was performed to analyze the changes of electrical conductivity with increasement of water requirements for desalinization in reclaimed tidelands and to obtain the basic data for developing prediction techniques of desalinization to be applicable in the beginning of tideland reclamation. Two different desalinization experiments were conducted through the leaching method by subsurface drainage and the rinsing method by surface darainage, using the samples of silt soil and silt loam soil collected in 5 units of tideland reclamation projects. Regression equations were obtained in order to investigate the changes of electrical conductivity during the desalinization of reclaimed tidelands and to estimate water requirements for desalinization.