Seismic Analysis of Underground RC Structures considering Interface between Structure and Soil

경계면 요소를 고려한 지하 철근콘크리트 구조물의 지진해석

  • Published : 2000.10.01


The real situation of an underground reinforced concrete(RC) structure with the surrounding soil medium subjected to seismic load is quite difficult to be simulated through an expensive work and, even if it is possible to arrange such an experiment, it will be too expensive. So development of analytical method can be applied usefully to seismic design and seismic retrofit through an analysis of seismic behavior and seismic performance evaluation. A path-dependent constitutive model for soil that can estimate the response of soil layer is indispensible for dealing with kinematic interaction of RC/soil entire system under seismic loads. And interface model which deals with the dynamic interaction of RC/soil entire system is also necessary. In this study, finite element analysis program that can consider path-dependent behavior of RC and soil, and interfacial behavior between RC and soil is developed for rational seismic analysis of RC/soil entire system. Using this program, nonlinear behavior of interface between RC and soil is analyzed, and the effect of interfacial behavior to entire system is investigated.