Remote Monitoring and Control of PLC Using TCP/IP Communication

TCP/IP 통신을 이용한 PLC 원격 감시 및 제어

  • Published : 2000.11.01


This research presents new type of remote monitoring and control solution of PLC that can be used bi-directional and efficient management of factory automation through internet. This system has client/server architect for information handling between PLC and remote computer where a user can control and monitor target PLC. Actually the authors redirect RS232C connection between PLC and server computer into Internet connection between PLC and remote client computer using supplied PLC tool program So user feel like in front of PLC panel when he operates remote PLC through Internet. Each client/server program is constructed with Java language for security. In this paper the internet-based remote control system was proposed and proved validity by being applied to redirection of PLC control for factory automation.