Educational Program Development for Entrepreneurship and Venture Management

기업가정신 및 벤처경영에 관한 교육과정개발

  • Published : 1998.06.01


Inspire of increasing importance of entrepreneurs for successful new venture creation, structured educational programs for entrepreneur development are very limited in Korea. Based on the survey of existing academic programs and interviews with entrepreneurs, this study presents a new education system for entrepreneurial management and new venture creation. Specifically, seven venture educational programs are suggested. As degree programs, ⅰ) new venture interdisciplinary program and ⅱ) venture MBA program are presented. Also, ⅲ) advanced venture management program, ⅳ) venture capitalist training program, and ⅴ) potential entrepreneur training program are suggested as non-degree programs. In addition, special and supporting programs such as ⅵ) technological entrepreneurship seminar and vii) new venture forum are explained. Finally, some examples of typical entrepreneurial management courses are presented and policy implications are suggested.