Active Control of Multi-Mode Forced Vibration Using PZT

PZT를 이용한 다중 모드 강제 진동의 능동 제어

  • Published : 1997.04.01


There has been a recent surge of research interest on the smart structure. This paper presents active vibration control scheme of multi-mode forced vibration using piezoceramic sensors/actuators. The control scheme adopted is the Positive Position Feedback control. Among various vibration control techniques, PPF control technique makes use of generalized displacement measurements to accomplish vibration suppression. Two independent controllers are implemented to control the first and the second modes of the beam under external excitation. Experimental results for various damping ratio and feedback gains of the PPF controllers are compared with respect to the control efficiency. The results indicate that steady state vibration under wideband excitation can be controlled effectively when multiple sets of PZT sensors/actuators were used with PPF control technique.