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A Study on Taoist Prevent Health of Hong, You-Son (홍유손의 양생사상 연구)

  • Pyo, Bo-Young;Ahn, Sang-Woo
    • Journal of Society of Preventive Korean Medicine
    • /
    • v.12 no.3
    • /
    • pp.199-211
    • /
    • 2008
  • Hong, You-Son($1452{\sim}1529$) overcame his suffering, caused by his low social standing, through Taoism. Hong, You-Son could be infatuated with Taoism because Taoism was still spread all over the country in early Chosun dynasty and in more permissive atmosphere than the atmosphere after the Japanese invasion of Korea in 1592. Therefore, Taoist health prevention, not religion, reflecting theory of Taoist hermit and wishing for perennial youth and long life was prevalent among the intellectual class in that period. In addition, it was very fascinating idea for Chosun intellectual class to prevent health with practice because medicine was not developed in that period. The importance of his health prevention was vitality ; he insisted that people can get health and long life with it and need mind practice to discard greed of this life. His advocacy was agreed with Kim, Si-Seup, and Chung, Ryum, the members of Danhak School, and his health prevention became a base for medicine developments preventive medicine. Hong, You-Son seemed to use Taoism not to avoid temporally, but to overcome his suffering, and furthermore, find out self identity. He became one of major members of Danhak School because the ideas of Taoism such as accomplishing health and long life with self practice and achieving self satisfaction with discarding utilitarianism was fitted for conflict mind of Hong, You-Son. Taoist ideas were reflected in his poetry and his everyday life ; he identified a Taoist hermit with Himself in his poetry and acted like a hermit in his everyday life.

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