• Title/Summary/Keyword: single-way cable-supported facade

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FE assessment of dissipative devices for the blast mitigation of glazing façades supported by prestressed cables

  • Amadioa, Claudio;Bedon, Chiara
    • Structural Engineering and Mechanics
    • /
    • v.51 no.1
    • /
    • pp.141-162
    • /
    • 2014
  • The paper focuses on the dynamic response of a blast-invested glass-steel curtain wall supported by single-way pretensioned cables. In order to mitigate the critical components of the façade from severe structural damage, an innovative system able to absorb and dissipate part of the blast-induced stresses in the critical façade components is proposed. To improve the blast reliability of the studied glazing system, specifically, rigid-plastic and elastoplastic devices are introduced at the base and at the top of the vertical bearing cables. Several combinations and mechanical calibrations of these devices are numerically investigated and the most structurally and economically advantageous solution is identified. In conclusion, a simple analytical formulation totally derived from energetic considerations is also suggested for a preliminary estimation of the maximum dynamic effects in single-way cable-supported façades subjected to high-level blast loads.