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The C Allele of a Synonymous SNP (rs1805414, Ala284Ala) in PARP1 is a Risk Factor for Susceptibility to Breast Cancer in Saudi Patients

  • Alanazi, Mohammed;Pathan, Akbar Ali Khan;Shaik, Jilani P.;Al Amri, Abdullah;Parine, Narasimha Reddy
    • Asian Pacific Journal of Cancer Prevention
    • /
    • v.14 no.5
    • /
    • pp.3051-3056
    • /
    • 2013
  • Background: Genetic aberrations of DNA repair enzymes are known to be common events associated with different cancer entities. The aim of the present study was to analyze genetic associations of rs1805404 (Asp81Asp) and rs1805414 (Ala284Ala) in the PARP1 gene with the risk of breast cancer in Saudi Arabia. Materials and Methods: These two SNP's were analyzed in a primary study group of breast cancer patients and healthy control subjects. Genotypes were determined by TaqMan SNP testing and analyzed using Chi-square or t test and logistic regression analysis with SPSS16.0 software. Results and Conclusions: Results showed that rs1805414 was associated with a significantly increased susceptibility to breast cancer, significant risk being observed for the TC, CC and TC+CC genotypes. In conclusion PARP1 rs1805414 SNP polymorphisms may be involved in the etiology of breast cancer in the Saudi population. In contrast, PARP1 rs1805404 did not show any significant association in overall in breast cancer samples when compared to healthy controls. Confirmation of our findings in larger populations of different ethnicities may provide evidence for a role of the PARP1 gene in breast carcinoma developnment.