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Antimicrobial Characterictics of Antimicrobial Agent (Antibiotics) and Reduction Effect on Mal-ordour. (항균제의 항균특성 및 악취제거 효과)

  • Shin, Choon-Hwan;Kim, Jong-Hyun;Han, Sun-Hong
    • Journal of Environmental Science International
    • /
    • v.3 no.2
    • /
    • pp.157-164
    • /
    • 1994
  • Various antimicrobial agents are widely used for the purpose of antimicrobial process. We investigated antimicrobial activity and reduction efficiency of mal-ordour by the diphenyl ether compound (2,4,4'- trichloro -2'- hydroxy diphenyl ether) against Sraphylocom aureus(S.aureus and Proton vulgaris(p.vulgaris causing the mal-ordour, Especially, the diphenyl ether compound is not restricted to the regulation of water-contamination. In this research, we found that the optimum concentration of diphenyl ether compound was 1.5w% for both strains and antimicrobial expressions were c0.38t= 2.56 for S.aureus, c0.38t=2.67 for P.vulgaris. We found also that -OH group played the role of antimicrobial functional group. Lastly, reduction effect of mal-ordour was more than 90% for both strain at the optimum conditions. Key Words : antimicrobial agents, antimicrobial activity, reduction effect of mal-ordour, antimicrobial expression, antimicrobial functional group.

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