• Title/Summary/Keyword: recyclable domestic wastes

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Channel of Collection and Regional Characteristics of Recyclable Domestic Wastes (재활용 생활계 폐기물의 수거경로와 지역적 특성)

  • 한주성
    • Journal of the Korean Geographical Society
    • /
    • v.39 no.1
    • /
    • pp.88-101
    • /
    • 2004
  • This paper aims to examin the channel of waste collection, as well as to clarify the relationship between collection types and regional characteristics. According to the analysis results, a kind of used paper and old metal are mainly collected in regions which have a large population size, high population increasing rates, high population composition rates of secondary industry and high degree of self-supporting in public finance. On the other hand, in regions which have a small population size, low population increasing rates or a decrease in population, and high population composition rates of primary industry and rates of agricultural household, there are high collection rates for others recyclable wastes, a kind of scrap iron, used paper, and used bottle. These results show that the collection types of recyclable domestic wastes are different depend on industry developed degree in region.