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Ultimate Stress of Unbonded Tendons in Post-Tensioned Flexural Members (포스트텐션 휨부재에서 비부착긴장재의 극한응력)

  • Lee, Deuck-Hang;Kim, Kang-Su
    • Journal of the Korea Concrete Institute
    • /
    • v.21 no.4
    • /
    • pp.489-499
    • /
    • 2009
  • It is quite difficult to predict the flexural strength of post-tensioned members with unbonded tendons (unbonded posttensioned members, UPT members) because of debonding behavior between concrete and prestressing tendons, which is different from that with bonded tendons. Despite many previous researches, our understanding on the flexural strength of UPT members is still insufficient, and thus, national codes use different methods to calculate the strength, which quite often give very different results. Therefore, this paper reviews various existing methods, and aims at proposing an improved rational strength model for UPT flexural members having better accuracy. Additionally, a database containing a large number of test data on UPT flexural members has been established and used for verification of the proposed flexural strength model. The analysis results show that the proposed method provides much better accuracy than many existing methods including the rigid-body model that utilizes the assumption of concentrated deformation and plastic hinge length, and that it also gives proper consideration on the effects of primary parameters such as reinforcement ratio, loading pattern, concrete strength, etc. Especially, the proposed method also well predicts the ultimate stress of unbonded tendons of over-reinforced members, which are often possible in construction fields, and high strength concrete members.