• Title, Summary, Keyword: plant suspension culture, $\beta$ -glucuronidase, bubble column bioreactor, transgenic plant

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The Growth of Transgenic Tobacco′s Suspension Culture and the Production of β-Glucuronidase in Bubble Column Bioreactor (Bubble column bioreactor에서 형질전환된 담배세포의 성장양상 및 β-Glucuronidase의 생산)

  • 김석우;이동근;현진원;이상현;하종명;하배진;이재화
    • Journal of Life Science
    • /
    • v.12 no.5
    • /
    • pp.577-583
    • /
    • 2002
  • The growth kinetics and the production of $\beta$-glucuronidase from transgenic tobacco's suspension culture was investigated in the flask culture and a 2.5 L bubble column reactor. The growth of bubble column reactor was similar to that of flask culture. However, in the bubble column reactor, the production of $\beta$ -glucuronidase reached 2850 U/mg (85-fold higher than that of flask culture). In both case, the production level of $\beta$ -glucuronidase was fluctuated, which was resulted from periodical degradation of the protein. Sucrose is important component in plant culture medium. Twice addition of sucrose in bubble column reactor could not improve cell growth, since other components in a medium were already depleted. However, the addition of sugar decreased cell size, which facilitated the operation of bioreactor. The production of $\beta$ -glucuronidase was continuously increased, however final concentration of $\beta$ -glucuronidase was similar to that without sucrose addition.