• Title, Summary, Keyword: multicolored clamp resist dyeing

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A study of multicolored clamp resist dyeing techniques using a wooden printing-block exchange method (목판 교환 방법을 활용한 다색 협힐 제작기법에 관한 연구)

  • Lee, Jungeun;Sugano, Kenichi
    • The Research Journal of the Costume Culture
    • /
    • v.28 no.5
    • /
    • pp.607-620
    • /
    • 2020
  • The aim of this study is to define the new expressive techniques for multicolored clamp resist (hyuphill) dyeing, based on empirical verification on relics that are estimated to be dyed by the exchange of more than two wood blocks: a previously undiscovered technique. Clamp resist dyeing (assumed to be made by exchanging wood blocks) have uneven resist printing lines or cloudy gradation. These are reproduced as follows: first, they have uneven contour lines, particularly with the color blue. It is possible to exchange wood blocks separately on patterns with uneven resist printing lines, and it has been verified that the exchange of wood blocks makes these irregular resist printing lines. It has also been verified that exchanging the wood blocks according to the gradation (to emphasize the cubic effect on the patterns) yields clamp resist dyeing with no resist printing lines but with cloudy gradations that have accented borders. This study provides basic information that enables methods of multicolored clamp resist dyeing through wood block exchange to be deduced (something that has not been attempted for a long time). Thus, the revival of the modern Korean dyeing culture based on the conservation and perseverance of the traditional dyeing techniques can be achieved.