• Title/Summary/Keyword: germinated brown rice flour(GBRF)

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Quality Characteristics of Backsulgi with Germinated Brown Rice Flour (발아 현미를 첨가한 백설기의 품질 특성)

  • Cho, Kyung-Ryun
    • The Korean Journal of Food And Nutrition
    • /
    • v.20 no.2
    • /
    • pp.185-194
    • /
    • 2007
  • This study was performed to evaluate the physicochemical, sensory evaluation of Backsulgi changed with germinated brown rice flour(GBRF) at different ratio. Moisture content decreased gently during storage and the decrease was less in GBRF-added groups than the control group. The color L value decreased significantly by with increasing the GBRF, wherease the redness(a) and yellowness(b) were both increased. As the result of measurement with texture analyzer, hardness, gumminess, chewiness, adhesiveness and fracturability of Backsulgi tended to decrease in proportion to the amount of GBRF in the formula. The thermal properties of Backsulgi were investigated by differential scanning calorimetry(DSC). Onset temperature and peak temperature of gelatinizatino in thermal characteristics showed low in case of addition of GBRF into Backsulgi. All samples changed with GBRF had low values in change of melting enthalphy. In the sensory evaluation, Backsulgi with GBRF were superior in flavor, cohesiveness, hardness, chewiness and moistureness than that of control. And Backsulgi with 20% GBRF showed the highest score in overall acceptability. Therefore we concluded that the addition of GBRF on Backsulgi improve the sensory characteristics as well as delay the retrogradation.

Quality Properties of Sulgi with Different Mixed Ratio of Brown Rice Flour and Germinated Brown Rice Flour (현미와 발아현미 혼합 비율을 달리한 설기의 품질 특성)

  • Kim, Jeongok;Shin, Malshick;Ro, Heekyong
    • Korean journal of food and cookery science
    • /
    • v.29 no.5
    • /
    • pp.591-598
    • /
    • 2013
  • This study was investigated quality properties of Sulgi with different mixed ratio of brown rice flour (BRF) and germinated brown rice flour (GBRF) by rheometer and sensory evaluation. Moisture contents of Sulgi with different mixed ratio of BRF and GBRF were 44.3~46.0%. In textural properties of Sulgi by rheometer, the higher BRF mixed level, hardness of those were higher. The higher GBRF mixed level, springiness, cohesiveness and gumminess of those were higher. In sensory evaluation properties of Sulgi, the higher BRF mixed level, flavor, firmness and graininess of those were higher. The higher GBRF mixed level, surface color, off-flavor, adhesiveness and cohesiveness of those were higher. Correlation between textural properties and sensory evaluation properties, hardness and firmness, graininess, cohesiveness and moistness, gumminess and surface color, gumminess and off-flavor, were correlated positively(p<0.01). Hardness and surface color, hardness and cohesiveness, hardness and overall quality, springiness and firmness, springiness and graininess were correlated negatively (p<0.01).