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A Study on the Benefits Sought and Use of Cosmetics (화장추구혜택과 화장품 사용에 관한 연구)

  • 김용숙
    • Journal of the Korean Society of Costume
    • /
    • v.54 no.2
    • /
    • pp.95-104
    • /
    • 2004
  • The purpose of this study was to identify benefits sought and use of the cosmetics. The results were as followes ; 1. Most women spent less than 40.000 won monthly, used basic cosmetics most frequently but used functional cosmetics least when they went out. 2. The factors of cosmetics benefits sought were self-confidence, individuality, beauty, saving appearance. and supplement defect. The respondents were segmented into the beauty pursuit, the supplement defect pursuit, the individuality pursuit, and the self-confidence pursuit. 3. The beauty pursuit used all kinds of cosmetics more than other groups, but the supplement defect pursuit used functional cosmetics more. The individuality pursuit used color cosmetics more, but spent cosmetics expenditure least. The self-confidence pursuit used all kinds of cosmetics least and spent cosmetics expenditure least. 4. The beauty pursuit was found among the older, the less educated, and jobless married women. The supplement defect pursuit was found among the late-teenagers. The individuality pursuit was found among married or unmarried working women. and the more educated. The self-confidence pursuit was found among college women. 5. The use of basic cosmitics was affected by cosmetics expenditure. age, supplement defect, and saving appearance. use of color cosmetics was by cosmetics expenditure, supplement defect, age, self-confidence, and individuality, and use of functional cosmetics was by cosmetics expenditure, supplement defect, and age.

An Analysis on the College Wonen's Buying and Using Behavior of Cosmetics According to Life-style Types (여대생의 라이프스타일 유행에 따른 화장품 구매 및 사용행동 분석)

  • 채정숙
    • Journal of the Korean Home Economics Association
    • /
    • v.39 no.11
    • /
    • pp.107-128
    • /
    • 2001
  • The objectives of this study were to classify the consumer group based on the lifestyle traits of cortege women, to examine the demographic characteristics of each group, and to find out the differences of buying and using behavior of cosmetics among each group. The survey was conducted and 392 samples were analyzed by SPSS package program. The results of this study were as follows; 1. The lifestyle types were clasified 4 groups. They were named 'Progressive fashion pursuing type' 'Reality adaptable living-satisfaction type','Traditional frugal faithful type','Passive living-unconcern type'. 2. The demographic characteristics of each lifestyle group showed meaningful differences according to the following variables ; major, average monthly pocket money, religion, living standard, educational level and occupation of the head of a family. 3. The buying behavior of cosmetics(the degree of product involvement, information search behavior, product choice criteria, store choice criteria) showed meaningful differences among each lifestyle group. 4. The using behavior of cosmetics( the motive of make-up, the extent of make-up, average monthly cosmetics expenditure) showed meaningful differences among each lifestyle group.

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