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Joint Channel Coding Based on Principal Component Analysis

  • Hyun, Dong-Il;Lee, Dong-Geum;Park, Young-Cheol;Youn, Dae-Hee;Seo, Jeong-Il
    • ETRI Journal
    • /
    • v.32 no.5
    • /
    • pp.831-834
    • /
    • 2010
  • This paper proposes a new joint channel coding algorithm based on principal component analysis. A conventional joint channel coder using passive downmixing undergoes a reduction of both the primary-to-ambient energy ratio (PAR) of the downmix signal and the panning gain ratio of the primary source. The proposed system preserves the PAR of the downmix signal by using active downmixing which reflects spatial characteristic. The proposed system also improves the accuracy of the panning gain ratio estimation. Computer simulations and subjective listening tests verify the performance of the proposed system.