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Functional Evaluation of Small-scale Pond at Paddy Field as a Shelter for Mudfish during Midsummer Drainage Period (논 중간 낙수기에 미꾸라지 피난처로서 둠벙의 기능 평가)

  • Kim, Jae-Ok;Shin, Hyun-Sang;Yoo, Ji-Hyun;Lee, Seung-Heon;Jang, Kyu-Sang;Kim, Bom-Chul
    • Korean Journal of Environmental Agriculture
    • /
    • v.30 no.1
    • /
    • pp.37-42
    • /
    • 2011
  • BACKGROUND: The purpose of this study was to evaluate ecological function of small-scale pond and movement characteristics of mudfish (Misgurnus mizolepis) during midsummer drainage period. METHODS AND RESULTS: In situ experiments were performed in the paddy field with mudfish under the condition of midsummer drainage from 13 July to 29 July 2010. The mudfish used in this experiment is approximately 1,000 individuals with a cut tail. Mudfishs were released in the rice field before midsummer drainage and caught again in the small-scale pond and the paddy field after midsummer drainage. Results showed that the abundance of mudfish was higher in drainage canal than small-scale pond at the early stage of midsummer drainage, because flow was formed toward the drainage canal. In that time, 3% of the total marked mudfish were captured at outlet of drainage canal. As the paddy was drying, 5% of total marked mudfish moved to the small-scale pond during midsummer drainage period. Contrary to the general hypothesis, the marked mudfish was not found in holes in paddy field.of total caught in the small-scale pond ingested mainly animal prey, and it's frequency of empcy stomach was 10%.oOn the other hand, all m total collected in the paddy field showed empcy stomach. It was apparent from the experiment that m total are eeldng normally in the small-scale pond, while m total are not eat properly in paddy field. CONCLUSION(s): As the paddy was drying, mudfish moved to the small-scale pond during midsummer drainage period but mudfish was not found in holes in paddy field. It can be concluded that small-scale provides a shelter and prey to mudfish in the midsummer drainage period.