• Title/Summary/Keyword: Sales and Non-sales Objective Performance

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A Study on the Determinant of Trade Show Performance of Export-oriented Small and Medium Enterprises. (중소수출기업의 무역전시회 참가성과 만족도 결정요인에 관한 연구)

  • Choi, Moon-Hwan;Kim, Young-Il;Seo, Min-Kyo;Kwon, Yung-Chul
    • International Commerce and Information Review
    • /
    • v.10 no.2
    • /
    • pp.117-139
    • /
    • 2008
  • This study examines the determinants of trade show performance of export-oriented small and medium enterprises(SMEs). In this regard, the trade show performance is categorized into two dimensions, such as sales objective performance vs. non-sales objective performance Based on the analysis of 116 exporters participated in trade show held in DaeGu EXCO, it is found that the roles of the show organizers play more important roles in both the sales objective performance and the non-sales objective performance than the roles of the exhibitors do. It is also interesting to find that export experience has a negative influence on both the sales objective performance and the non-sales objective performance. These results suggest that trade show organizers should provide high service quality so as to enhance the trade show performance of exhibitors.

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