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A Study on the Silicon Nitride for the poly-Si Thin film Transistor (다결정 박막 트랜지스터 적용을 위한 SiNx 박막 연구)

  • 김도영;김치형;고재경;이준신
    • Journal of the Korean Institute of Electrical and Electronic Material Engineers
    • /
    • v.16 no.12S
    • /
    • pp.1175-1180
    • /
    • 2003
  • Transformer Coupled Plasma Chemical Vapor Deposited (TCP-CVD) silicon nitride (SiNx) is widely used as a gate dielectric material for thin film transistors (TFT). This paper reports the SiNx films, grown by TCP-CVD at the low temperature (30$0^{\circ}C$). Experimental investigations were carried out for the optimization o(SiNx film as a function of $N_2$/SiH$_4$ flow ratio varying ,3 to 50 keeping rf power of 200 W, This paper presents the dielectric studies of SiNx gate in terms of deposition rate, hydrogen content, etch rate and leakage current density characteristics lot the thin film transistor applications. And also, this work investigated means to decrease the leakage current of SiNx film by employing $N_2$ plasma treatment. The insulator layers were prepared by two step process; the $N_2$ plasma treatment and then PECVD SiNx deposition with SiH$_4$, $N_2$gases.