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A New Approach for the Calculation of Neutron Dose Equivalent Conversion Coefficients for PMMA Slab Phantom (PMMA 평판형 팬텀에서의 중성자 선량당량 환산계수의 새로운 계산법)

  • Kim, Jong-Kyung;Kim, Jong-Oh
    • Journal of Radiation Protection and Research
    • /
    • v.21 no.4
    • /
    • pp.297-311
    • /
    • 1996
  • ANSI decided PMMA slab phantom as a calibration phantom and introduced a conversion coefficient calculation method for it. For photon, the conversion coefficient can be obtained by using backscatter factor and conversion coefficient of the ICRU tissue cube and backscatter factor of the PMMA slab. For neutron, however, the ANSI has not introduced any conversion coefficient calculation method for the PMMA slab. In this work, the ANSI method for the photon conversion coefficient calculation was applied to the neutron conversion coefficient calculation of the PMMA slab. Quality weighted tissue kerma of neutron was applied to calculate the backscatter factors on the ICRU cube and the PMMA slab. The dose conversion coefficient of the ICRU cube was also calculated by using MCNP code. Then, the dose conversion coefficient of the PMMA slab was calculated from two backscatter factors and the dose conversion coefficient of the ICRU cube. The discrepancies of the dose conversion coefficients of the PMMA slab and the ICRU cube were less than 10% except 1eV(20%), 1keV(17%), and 4 MeV(16%).

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Monte Carlo Simulation for absorbed dose in PMMA phantom during the low-energy X-ray irradiation (저 에너지 X선 조사 시 PMMA 팬텀 내의 흡수선량 평가를 위한 몬테카를로 시뮬레이션)

  • Kim, Sang-Tae;Kang, Sang-Koo;Kim, Chong-Yeal
    • Journal of the Korean Society of Radiology
    • /
    • v.5 no.6
    • /
    • pp.383-389
    • /
    • 2011
  • This study offered a new method to calculate absorbed dose of actual patients through Monte Carlo Simulation by using the linkage of Geant4 and DICOM, and, the experimental value of absorbed dose at the center and Geant 4 simulation result according to the depth of PMMA mock phantom were compared by using MOSEF in order to verify Geant4 calculation code. In the area where there was no air space between the irregular gap due to incomplete compression of PMMA slab, the differences were $0.46{\pm}4.69$ percent and $-0.75{\pm}5.19$percent in $15{\times}15cm^2$ and $20{\times}20cm^2$ respectively. Excluding the error due to incomplete compression of PMMA mock phantom, the calculation values of the Monte Carlo simulation by linkage of Geant4 and DICOM was the same.