• Title, Summary, Keyword: PEST/SPRO Analysis

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Developing Strategies to Improve Operational Test and Evaluation of Weapon System in the Age of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4차 산업혁명 시대에 적합한 무기체계 운용시험평가 개선전략 도출)

  • Lee, Kangkyong;Seol, Hyeonju
    • Journal of the Korea Institute of Military Science and Technology
    • /
    • v.23 no.6
    • /
    • pp.591-601
    • /
    • 2020
  • After North Korea's sixth nuclear test, the operational environment on the Korean Peninsula has fundamentally changed, and the South Korean military faces various security challenges, including a reduction in military service resources and shorter military service periods. In particular, the South Korean military is seeking a new paradigm in military construction amid changes in the defense acquisition environment linked to the push for defense reform 2.0 and the utilization of the fourth industrial revolution. Therefore, this study considered strategies for improving the operational test and evaluation of weapons systems suitable for changes in the defense acquisition environment to effectively prepare for existing military threats and future warfare patterns. For this purpose, external environment analysis and internal capabilities were diagnosed using PEST Analysis and SPRO Analysis, and improvement strategies were derived through SWOT analysis.