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A Design of Message Oriented Management and Analysis Tool for Naval Combat Systems (함정 전투 시스템을 위한 메시지 지향 모델링 도구 설계)

  • Song, Kyoung-Sub;Kim, Dong-Seong;Choi, Yoon-Suk
    • Journal of the Institute of Electronics and Information Engineers
    • /
    • v.51 no.2
    • /
    • pp.197-204
    • /
    • 2014
  • This paper investigates a design of optimization database structure layout of Message Oriented Analysis and Management Tool (MOMAT) for naval combat systems (NCS). The NCS is composed of heterogeneous and large-scale component such as communication service and data distribution servcies (DDS). Each components are massively made the data as components. To manage the messages, MOMAT is developed. Typical modeling tool have problems that low performance due to duplicate database tables. An efficient design that one of the database optimization is proposed to solve the problems in this paper. It reduces the number of tables and improves application response and processing time. Experiment results shows that an availability of proposed method in MOMAT and decrease of both amount of data from client node to server and sever load.

Design and Realization of Distributed Real-time Message Management Scheme for Naval Combat System Development Tool (함정 전투 시스템 개발 툴을 위한 분산 실시간 메시지 관리 기법 설계 및 구현)

  • Im, Jin Yong;Kim, Dong Seong;Song, Kyung Sub;Choi, Yoon Suk
    • Journal of Institute of Control, Robotics and Systems
    • /
    • v.22 no.7
    • /
    • pp.570-577
    • /
    • 2016
  • This paper proposes the design of a novel distributed message management scheme using a message-oriented management and analysis tool (MOMAT) for naval combat system (NCS) middle-ware. If a message is not guaranteed real-time of the NCS with each node, it causes the loss of data and decreases the reliability of systems. To solve these problems, improved message management schemes are proposed. Message management schemes are considering a real-time user management scheme and a real-time traffic management scheme. The proposed schemes are simulated with a developed simulation tool, data publisher, and subscriber connected through nodes in middle-ware. The simulation results show improved results in terms of message round-trip time (RTT), End-to-End delay, and throughput.

A Study on the Development of Efficient Naval Combat System Tactical Record and Replay Software (효율적인 해양 전투체계 전술정보 기록 및 재생 소프트웨어 개발에 대한 연구)

  • Jung, Seung-Mo;Yang, Moon-Seok
    • Proceedings of the Korean Society of Computer Information Conference
    • /
    • /
    • pp.35-36
    • /
    • 2019
  • 최근 해양 전투체계에서는 사후분석에 대한 기능이 중요시 되고 있다. 그 이유는 사후분석을 통해 작전을 분석하고 더 나은 작전을 수행할 수 있기 때문이다. 이를 가능하게하기 위해 해양 전투체계에는 전술정보 기록 및 재생 기능이 탑재되어 있다. 전술정보 기록 및 재생은 작전상황에서 전투체계 콘솔에 전시된 전술정보들을 기록해서 사후분석 및 평가를 위해 재생하는 기능이다. 본 논문에서는 전술정보 기록 및 재생 개발에 대한 효율화 방법을 제시한다. 모델 중심의 개발방식 적용과 재생시간의 효율화를 통해 기존방식 보다 효율적인 전술정보 기록 및 재생 소프트웨어를 개발하는데 그 목적을 가진다.

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