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A Study on a Working Pattern Analysis Prototype using Correlation Analysis and Linear Regression Analysis in Welding BigData Environment (용접 빅데이터 환경에서 상관분석 및 회귀분석을 이용한 작업 패턴 분석 모형에 관한 연구)

  • Jung, Se-Hoon;Sim, Chun-Bo
    • The Journal of the Korea institute of electronic communication sciences
    • /
    • v.9 no.10
    • /
    • pp.1071-1078
    • /
    • 2014
  • Recently, information providing service using Big Data is being expanded. Big Data processing technology is actively being academic research to an important issue in the IT industry. In this paper, we analyze a skilled pattern of welder through Big Data analysis or extraction of welding based on R programming. We are going to reduce cost on welding work including weld quality, weld operation time by providing analyzed results non-skilled welder. Welding has a problem that should be invested long time to be a skilled welder. For solving these issues, we apply connection rules algorithms and regression method to much pattern variable for welding pattern analysis of skilled welder. We analyze a pattern of skilled welder according to variable of analyzed rules by analyzing top N rules. In this paper, we confirmed the pattern structure of power consumption rate and wire consumption length through experimental results of analyzed welding pattern analysis.