• Title/Summary/Keyword: Library Exemption Regulation

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A Study on Development of the Copyright Guideline on Reproduction and Transmission in Libraries (도서관에서의 복제 및 전송에 관한 저작권 지침 개발 연구)

  • Hong Jae-Hyun;Joung Kyoung-Hee;Lee Ho-Sin
    • Journal of Korean Library and Information Science Society
    • /
    • v.36 no.1
    • /
    • pp.505-525
    • /
    • 2005
  • The purpose of this study is to suggest $\lceil$the copyright guideline on reproduction and transmission in libraries$\rfloor$ in order to produce and service works within the framework of the present Korean copyright law. The study examined researches on the library exemption regulation based on the present Korean copyright law and copyright remuneration. Also the study examined revised draft of present Korean copyright law. In the introduction Part of this guideline the purpose of the guideline is clarified and terms used in the guideline is defined. In the body of this guideline the copyright guideline on library exemption regulation(the article 28 in the Copyright Act of Korea) and copyright remuneration related to reproduction and transmission in libraries is in detail suggested.

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