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The Electrical Properties and Stability of $Pr_6$$O_{11}$-Based ZnO Varistors Doped with $Dy_2$$O_3$ ($Dy_2$$O_3$가 첨가된 $Pr_6$$O_{11}$계 ZnO 바리스터의 전기적 성질 및 안정성)

  • 남춘우;윤한수
    • Journal of the Korean Institute of Electrical and Electronic Material Engineers
    • /
    • v.13 no.5
    • /
    • pp.402-410
    • /
    • 2000
  • The electrical properties and stability of Pr$_{6}$/O$_{11}$-based ZnO wvaristors consisting of ZnO-Pr$_{6}$/O$_{11}$-CoO-Dy$_{2}$/O$_{3}$ based ceramics were investigated in the Dy$_{2}$/O$_{3}$ additive content range o 0.0 to 2.0 mol%. The density was nearly constant 5.62 g/cm$^3$corresponding to 97% of theoretical density as Dy$_{2}$/O$_{3}$ additive content increases up to 0.5 mol%. However the density decreased as Dy$_{2}$/O sub 3/ additive content is further additive content. Pr$_{6}$/O$_{11}$-based ZnO varistors doped with 0.5mol% Dy$_{2}$/O$_{3}$ exhibited a good nonlinearity, which is 37.76 in the nonlinear exponent and 5.36 $mutextrm{A}$ in the leakage current. And they exhibited very stress (0.80 V$_{1mA}$/9$0^{\circ}C$/12h)+(0.85 V$_{1mA}$/115$^{\circ}C$/12h)+(0.95 V$_{1mA}$/1$25^{\circ}C$/12h). Consequently it was estimated that ZnO-0.5 mol% Pr$_{6}$/O$_{11}$-1.0 mol% CoO-0.5 mol% Dy$_{2}$/O$_{3}$ based ceramics will be sufficiently used as a basic composition to develop the advanced Pr$_{6}$/O$_{11}$-based ZnO varistors in the future.he future.uture.he future.

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