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Effect o( Restricted Feeding of Layer on the Egg Productivity in Summer of Korea (산란기 제한급사가 산란성적에 미치는 영향)

  • 고태송;윤정노;주명렬;오세정
    • Korean Journal of Poultry Science
    • /
    • v.17 no.3
    • /
    • pp.167-177
    • /
    • 1990
  • In order to investigate an effect of the feed restriction on the laying performance, 208 White Leghorn strain layer of 36 week-old were divided to 4 groups of 52 birds each and raised for 1 week of previous feeding and for the subsequent 3 weeks of experimental restricted feeding. The egg production, daily egg mass and feed efficiency of four groups of birds fed daily 100g, 95g, 90f and 85g of a commercial diet, respectively, which were compared with those of the original 2879 birds fed l13g of diet per day as control. During 3 weeks of experimental restricted feeding, period, daily body weight nam was decreased linearly as the degree of restriction increased in birds fed 100, 95, 90 and 85g of diet. Hen day egg production, egg weight and daily egg mass was linearly related to the diet intake level. then feed intake(x, g day$^{-1}$ ) showed a positive regression equations with the henday egg production(y, % ), egg weight(y, g egg$^{-1}$ ) and egg mass(y, g bird$^{-1}$ ) as y=38.75+0.3753$\times$(r=0.503, n=15), y=48.2+0.08868$\times$(r=0.835, n= 15) and y=15.69+0.2786$\times$(r=0.597, n=15), respectively. Feed efficiency was increased to a plateau in birds fed 95g of diet. The estimated energy utilization for egg production was reached to a plateau in birds fed 95g of diet and the highst protein utilization was shown in birds fed 90g of diet anions birds fed graded levels of diet. And the feed restriction did not affect on the egg shell contents, while protein contents of egg were shown a trend to be increased and lipids and cholesterol contents of eggs was decreased according to the diet intake lowered. The results suggested that the improved feed efficiencies of birds restricted under 16% of diet(above 95g of diet) will be due to increased energy and protein utilization for egg production and feed restriction above 16% will be aboided. In the range from 113g to 95g of diet feeding, the crude profit was increased as the feed restricted in the case of egg price 600 won kg$^{-1}$ and feed price 200 won kg$^{-1}$ .

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