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Two New Records of Lamprops Species (Cumacea, Lampropidae) from Korea

  • Kim, Sung-Hyun;Lee, Chang-Mok;Kim, Young-Hyo
    • Animal Systematics, Evolution and Diversity
    • /
    • v.31 no.1
    • /
    • pp.51-65
    • /
    • 2015
  • Two newly recorded species belonging to the genus Lamprops, family Lampropidae found in the East Sea (Sea of Japan) of Korea are reported: Lamprops carinatus Hart, 1930 and L. pseudosarsi Tsareva and Vassilenko, 1993. Lamprops carinatus is characterized by having a smooth carapace without oblique ridges and one long and two pairs of terminal unequal setae on the telson. Lamprops pseudosarsi is easily distinguished by having two pairs of oblique ridges on the carapace and one long and two pairs of terminal subequal setae on the telson. The collected specimens were congruent with the original descriptions, except for several minor differences. This is the first record of the genus Lamprops from Korea. Especially, new information on the mouthparts of these species is given, and the male of L. pseudosarsi is described for the first time. Keys are also provided to the Korean genera of the Lampropidae and species of Lamprops.