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A Study on the Factors Affecting the reliability of User 's Confidence in Korean Internet professional Bank -Focused on Kakao Bank and K Bank- (국내 인터넷 전문 은행이 사용자의 신뢰감 형성에 끼치는 요인에 관한 연구 -카카오뱅크와 케이뱅크를 중심으로-)

  • Lee, Kaha;Kim, Seung-In
    • Journal of the Korea Convergence Society
    • /
    • v.9 no.1
    • /
    • pp.277-282
    • /
    • 2018
  • This study aims to present a direction for securing continuous growth and confidence, centering on two Internet banking companies that started recently. The banking market has been rewriting the history since the emergence of Internet professional banks. In order to improve the credibility and promote the development of the Internet professional banks, I conducted a questionnaire survey and In Depth Interview. As a result of this survey, the overall reliability is still low, and the factors affecting reliability are: 1.Security problem 2.Discomfort of customer service 3.Errors and unnecessary services. This is a start-up business, so the awareness and reliability can be changed soon. Therefore, it is necessary to continue research on this according to the changing user's perception.

Introduction of the Internet-only Bank and Development direction Proposal (국내 인터넷 전문은행의 도입과 발전 방향 제안)

  • Choi, Jeong-Il
    • Journal of Digital Convergence
    • /
    • v.14 no.9
    • /
    • pp.139-147
    • /
    • 2016
  • Korea is ahead of the launch of internet banking professional following to America, Europe and Japan. Internet banking is a professional non-store bank to conduct business such as deposits and loans on the internet and call centers. It is operating in a low-cost structure and minimizes the loans and deposits, various fees than traditional banks and obtains a profit. In order to be successful internet banking professional to develop a differentiated work with the existing banks should be competitive. In this paper, we explore and analyze the cases of Japan and the United States to present the future direction of domestic Internet banking professional future. Also it is expected to enable faster and more convenient one-stop financial services. Internet specialized bank is expected to continue to develop further by the inevitable competition with conventional banks as developing differentiated financial services. Deregulation of banks and industries and participation of various companies of security, insurance, telecommunications, and retail are expected to lead to the convergence among industries and development of new financial services.