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The Discourses on the Humanities Banquet of Public Libraries in Korea (공공도서관 인문학 향연의 담론)

  • Yoon, Hee-Yoon
    • Journal of Korean Library and Information Science Society
    • /
    • v.47 no.1
    • /
    • pp.1-20
    • /
    • 2016
  • Humanities is one of the largest buzzword in Korea. Humanities programs are being provided indiscriminately in public authorities, universities, life-long education institutions, cultural centers, the media, museums, libraries etc. Among them, the public library is the base camp for spreading and popularizing the humanities. Nevertheless, there is also a critical views for the humanities program of public library. The purpose of this study is to discuss the discourse of the humanities banquet in theoretical positions and practical aspects. The former discussed the humanities banquet in terms of academic axioms, global macro and micro discourse, social and economic wave, the spirit cultural evolution. The latter discussed the humanities banquet at the axiom and identity of the library and humanities, pitfalls and limitations in terms of reason, paradox and the dilemma on the linkage side, inconvenient truth at the destination aspect, weaknesses and challenges in the content aspect.