• Title/Summary/Keyword: Higher Education/Research Performance

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Data Mining Analysis of Educational and Research Achievements of Korean Universities Using Public Open Data Services (정보공시 자료를 이용한 교육/연구성과 영향요인 추출 및 대학의 군집 분석)

  • Shin, Sun Mi;Kim, Hyeon Cheol
    • The Journal of Korean Association of Computer Education
    • /
    • v.17 no.1
    • /
    • pp.117-130
    • /
    • 2014
  • The purpose of this study is to provide useful knowledge for improving indicators that represent competitiveness and educational competency of the university by deriving a new pattern or the meaningful results from the data of information disclosure of universities using statistical analysis and data mining techniques. To achieve this, a model of decision tree was made and various factors that affect education/research performance such as employment rate, the number of technology transfer and papers per full-time faculty were explored. In addition to this, the cluster analysis of universities was conducted using attributes related to evaluation of university. According to the analysis, common factors affecting higher education/research performance are following indicators ; incoming student recruitment rate, enrollment rate, and the number of students per full-time faculty. In the cluster analysis, when performed by the entire university, the size, location of the university respectively, clusters are mainly formed by well-known universities, art physical non-science and engineering religious leaders training universities, and others. The main influencing factors of this cluster are higher education/research performance indicators such as employment rate and the number of technology transfer.

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