• Title, Summary, Keyword: High-qualify Recyclabe Cement

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An Evaluation on the Performance of Recyclable Cement by Micron Separating Method (미세분급 방법 개선에 의한 재생시멘트의 성능 평가)

  • Hong, Young-Tae;Kim, Sae-Young;Ko, Eun-Hye;Oh, Sang-Gyun
    • Proceedings of the Korean Institute of Building Construction Conference
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    • pp.39-42
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    • 2006
  • In this study, there is purpose that is on a concrete defect happen from aggregate minute's particle mixing in process that make waste concrete as recyclable cement puts to practical use constructing basic data for design of mix proportion used recyclable cement and solves strength fall problem using micron separator, and does general recyclable cement high quality. As a result of X-ray diffraction(XRD) of rater HR-C than NR-C is aware that it come out the micron-separating to decrease the $SiO_2$-peak below 50%. And a construction field which apply for strength's $24{\sim}28MPa$ HR-C in order to realize NR-C of 44% and 51%. Recycle concrete capacity through improved recycle cement of manufacturing technique by micron-separating's new distribution more better improvement. Therefore, in this study, it need to more various study a recycle cement of high quality for reasonable and utility recycling than disposal concrete.

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