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Decolorization of a Rhodamine B Using Ru-graphite Electrode (Ru-흑연 전극을 이용한 Rhodamine B의 색 제거)

  • Park, Young-Seek
    • Journal of Environmental Science International
    • /
    • v.17 no.5
    • /
    • pp.547-553
    • /
    • 2008
  • For the RhB removal from the wastewater, electrochemical method was adapted to this study. Three dimensionally stable anode (Pt, Ir and Ru) and graphite and Ru cathode were used. In order to identify decolorization, the effects of electrode, current density, electrolyte and air flow rate were investigated. The effects of electrode material, current, electrolyte concentration and air flow rate were investigated on the decolorization of RhB. Electro-Fenton's reaction was evaluated by added $Fe^{2+}$ and $H_2O_2$ generated by the graphite cathode. Performance for RhB decolorization of the four electrode systems lay in: Ru-graphite > Ru-Ru > Ir-graphite > Pt-graphite. A complete color removal was obtained for RhB (30 mg/L) at the end of 30 min of electrolysis under optimum operations of 2 g/L NaCl concentration and 2 A current. $Fe^{2+}$ addition increased initial reaction and decreased final RhB concentration. However the effect was not high.