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Effects of Organic Loading Rates on Treatment Performance in a Polyvinylidene Media Based Fixed-Film Bioreactor

  • Ahmed, Zubair;Oh, Sang-Eun;Kim, In S.
    • Environmental Engineering Research
    • /
    • v.14 no.4
    • /
    • pp.238-242
    • /
    • 2009
  • This study investigated the effects of organic loading rates on simultaneous carbon and nitrogen removal in an innovative fixed-film aerobic bioreactor. The fixed-film bioreactor (FFB) was composed of a two-compartment aeration tank, in which a synthetic filamentous carrier was submerged as biofilm support media, and a settling tank which polyvinylidene media (Saran) was used as settling aid for suspended solids. Three different organic loading rates, ranging from 0.92-2.02 kg chemical oxygen demand/$m^3$/day were applied by varying hydraulic retention time (HRT). The total soluble organic carbon removal efficiencies were in the range of 90-97%. The removal efficiency of ammonia was found to be in the range of 70-84%. Total nitrogen removal efficiency was found to be in the range of 40-45%, which indicates that denitrification reactions occurred simultaneously in the attached biofilm on the fibrous media in the aeration tank. The settling performance of suspended solids was significantly improved due to the presence of Saran media in the settling compartment, even for a short HRT. The fixed-film aerobic bioreactor used in this study demonstrated efficient treatment efficiency even at higher organic loading rates and at short HRTs.

A Study on the Aerated Submerged Fixed-Film Bioreactor for Military Installation Wastewater Treatment (군용시설물(軍用施設物) 폐수처리(廢水處理)를 위한 고정생물막공법(固定生物膜工法)의 연구(硏究))

  • Suh, Hyung Suk;Ryu, Seong Ho
    • Journal of Korean Society of Water and Wastewater
    • /
    • v.7 no.1
    • /
    • pp.37-45
    • /
    • 1993
  • This research was performed to examined the applicability of a fixed-biofilm process for the wastewater treatment of military installations. Utilizing plastic net media, synthetic wastewater-average $BOD_5$ cocentration was $192mg/l$ treated in the three sets of reactors that have 8 hours, 6 hours, and 4 hours of hydraulic retention time. The results of this experiment showed that the biofilm was not detached easily, and the reactor was not closed by excess biomass. The average soluble $BOD_5$ concentrations of effluent were $6.0mg/l$ with 8 hours of retention time, $11.3mg/l$ with 6 hours of retention time, and $19.4mg/l$ with 4 hours of retention time. Especially it was reduced to $5.7mg/l$ in the second stage reactor with 4 hours of retention time. These resulted that the fixed-biofilm process could be adapted for the treatment of military installation wastewater.

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