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Fingerprint Identification System Using Ridge Direction Extraction by Index Table (Index table에 의한 융선의 방향성 추출을 이용한 지문 인식 시스템)

  • Lee, Jee-Won;Ahn, Do-Rang;Lee, Dong-Wook
    • Proceedings of the KIEE Conference
    • /
    • 2005.10b
    • /
    • pp.180-182
    • /
    • 2005
  • Fingerprint-based identification is known to be used for a very long time. Owing to their uniqueness and immutability, fingerprints are today the most widely used biometric features. Therefore, recognition using fingerprints is one of the safest methods as a way of personal identification. But fingerprint identification system has a critical weakness. Since the fingerprint identification time dramatically increase when we compare the unknown fingerprint's minutiae with fingerprint database's minutiae. In this paper, a ridge orientation extraction method using Index table is proposed to solve the problem. The goal of fast direction image extraction is to reduce the identification time and to improve the clarity of ridge and valley structures of input fingerprint image.

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