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Metallic FDM Process to Fabricate a Metallic Structure for a Small IoT Device (소형 IoT 용 금속 기구물 제작을 위한 금속 FDM 공정 연구)

  • Kang, In-Koo;Lee, Sun-Ho;Lee, Dong-Jin;Kim, Kun-Woo;Ahn, Il-Hyuk
    • Journal of The Korea Internet of Things Society
    • /
    • v.6 no.4
    • /
    • pp.21-26
    • /
    • 2020
  • An autonomous driving system is based on the deep learning system built by big data which are obtained by various IoT sensors. The miniaturization and high performance of the IoT sensors are needed for diverse devices including the autonomous driving system. Specially, the miniaturization of the sensors leads to compel the miniaturization of the fixer structures. In the viewpoint of the miniaturization, metallic structure is a best solution to attach the small IoT sensors to the main body. However, it is hard to manufacture the small metallic structure with a conventional machining process or manufacturing cost greatly increases. As one of solutions for the problems, in this work, metallic FDM (Fused depositon modeling) based on metallic filament was proposed and the FDM process was investigated to fabricate the small metallic structure. Final part was obtained by the post-process that consists of debinding and sintering. In this work, the relationship between infill rate and the density of the part after the post-process was investigated. The investigation of the relationship is based on the fact that the infill rate and the density obtained from the post-processing is not same. It can be said that this work is a fundamental research to obtain the higher density of the printed part.