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TFT-LCD Employing RGBW Color

  • Lee, Baek-Woon;Song, Keun-Kyu;Yang, Young-Chol;Park, Cheol-Woo;Oh, Joon-Hak;Chai, Chong-Chul;Choi, Jeon-Gye;Roh, Nam-Seok;Hong, Mun-Pyo;Chung, Kyu-Ha;Lee, Seong-Deok;Kim, Chang-Yong
    • 한국정보디스플레이학회:학술대회논문집
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    • pp.1103-1107
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    • 2004
  • Last year, we introduced a TFT-LCD with RGBW color system. The primary advantage of the RGBW system is that its optical efficiency is at least 50% higher than the RGB system. However, it is not a simple task to incorporate the new color system into the infrastructure of the RGB system: the driving circuitry, fabrication of color filter, and color conversion. In this report, the practical hurdles are discussed and the solutions are presented.

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