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Harmonization of MRL Setting for Compounds Used Both as Pesticides and as Veterinary Drugs with Regulatory Aspects - Cypermethrin in Food of Animal Origin (농약 및 동물용의약품으로 사용되는 약제의 잔류허용기준 설정 개선 - 축산물 중 cypermethrin의 잔류 사례)

  • Kwon, Jin-Wook
    • Korean Journal of Environmental Agriculture
    • /
    • v.30 no.1
    • /
    • pp.89-97
    • /
    • 2011
  • BACKGROUND: Cypermethrins, possess eight isomers, used both as pesticide and as veterinary drug, were set different MRLs for livestock by CCPR and CCRVDF of Codex Alimentarius. Korea Food Code designates MRLs for livestock only as pesticide. METHODS AND RESULTS: This study presented necessaries of harmonization of MRL setting for compounds used both as pesticides and as veterinary drugs with regulatory aspects, showing an example of cypermethrin residue in livestock. CONCLUSION(S): For harmonization, following factors must be considered and recommended; designation of marker residue; alpha-cypermethrin, zeta- cypermethrin, and cypermethrin, clarification of the definition of target tissues; meat, fat, muscle, by-product, eggs, milk, and etc., method of analysis; clarification of target analytes of isomers, quantitation and calculation method as a principle of residue analysis.