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Development and Application of Agricultural Reservoir Water Quality Simulation Model (ARSIM-rev) (농업용 저수지 수질모델 (ARSIM-rev) 개발 및 적용)

  • Haam, Jong Hwa;Kim, Dong Hwan;Kim, Hyung Joong;Kim, Mi-Ock
    • Journal of The Korean Society of Agricultural Engineers
    • /
    • v.54 no.6
    • /
    • pp.65-76
    • /
    • 2012
  • Agricultural reservoir water quality simulation model (ARSIM-rev) was developed in this study for water quality simulation of a small and shallow agricultural reservoir with limited observed water quality data. Developed ARSIM-rev is a zero-dimensional water quality model because of little spatial differences in water quality between stations in a small and shallow agricultural reservoir. ARSIM-rev used same water quality reaction equations with WASP except for several equations, and daily based input parameters such as settling rate, release rate from sediment, and light extinction coefficient changed yearly based input parameters in ARSIM-rev. A number of pre- and post-processors were developed such as auto calibration and scenario analysis for ARSIM-rev. CE-QUAL-W2, WASP, and developed ARSIM-rev were applied to Mansu agricultural reservoir to evaluate model performance, and ARSIM-rev demonstrated similar model performance with CE-QUAL-W2 and WASP when low number of observed data was used for agricultural reservoir water quality simulation. Overall, developed ARSIM-rev was feasible for water quality simulation in a small and shallow agricultural reservoir with limited observed water quality data, and it can simulate agricultural reservoir water quality precisely enough like common water quality model such as CE-QUAL-W2 and WASP within a limited time.